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I believe that individualized exercise, nutrition, and behavioral strategies are keys to optimal health and peak performance.

As such, I have devoted most of my adult life to academic study, scientific research, and personal experimentation in these areas and hope to help individuals live their best lives through my research as a scientist, practice as a coach, and educational content as a professor.

This site's purpose is to centralize much of my work to make it more easily accessible for you, and to more clearly communicate my personal views and mission.

Since this is my personal site, its content does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of any of my affiliations.

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Dr. Cody Haun

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Fitomics, LLC

"FIT-" : in good health, especially because of regular physical exercise.

"-OMICS" : analysis of large amounts of data representing an entire set of some kind, especially the entire set of molecules, such as proteins, lipids, or metabolites, in a cell, organ, or organism.

In addition to my work as a scientist and educator, I provide personalized coaching, programming, and consulting in collaboration with various clinical and professional partners with the intention of helping individuals reach their peak health, fitness, and performance goals.

For my personal coaching clients, which I take a limited number of throughout the year, I seek to deliver comprehensive, personalized coaching services based on the latest scientific evidence and wisdom gained through personal experience and research.

With this in mind, I encourage (but do not mandate) genetic testing, microbiome testing, and other biomarker analyses (blood work) for my clients. This is intended to truly individualize recommendations and programming to better ensure a uniquely-tailored, and more importantly effective, approach for each person.

You can find out more about my services through the COACHING tab.

*Although I do have multiple graduate degrees, accredited certifications, and years of experience, I must note that I am not a medical doctor or registered dietitian. Thus, this site and all of my services are for informational purposes only for individuals to apply how they best see fit. Informational content, advice, or recommendations are not meant to be strictly applied as a medical necessity or nutrition practice without clearance from a qualified medical doctor or registered dietitian first, and no illegal activities are condoned.


additional AFFILIATES

I work hard to maintain strong, healthy relationships with good people in the fitness and nutrition industry.

I am formally affiliated with a few organizations that I believe support my personal and professional missions based on my ethical standards and honest practices.

The importance of working with good people and industry experts is immeasurable to me, as my goal is to help people reach their full potential.

Considering this, I have a spirit of collaboration and a diligent resolve to bridge the gap between scientific research and practical application with the help of my affiliates.

Coach through Stronger by Science

Research and Development Officer Aplyft

Researcher & Assistant Professor LaGrange College